Melbourne based terrarium makers PLANT by Packwood create artisan landscapes for city people who need somewhere small to retreat to. Founders Bayden - a folk musician from the country, and Charlotte - an actress from the city, live in a small Brunswick apartment but crave the peace and creativity they find in the dreamy landscapes far from the CBD. PLANT was born from their desire to reconnect with the natural world.

Every PLANT terrarium is unique, and inspired by aspects of nature that we tend to miss while rushing from one closed space to the next. We strive to construct beautiful, ever-changing environments you can bring into any space and escape to when you need a breath of fresh air.

While Bayden has a decidedly green thumb, Charlotte has always had a little trouble keeping anything remotely green alive. Thus, every PLANT design is not just beautiful - but very easy to care for. Especially for those with busy city lives.

Bayden and Charlotte invite you to explore the dreamy landscapes they’ve created online, and visit us personally at The Rose St Market.

We are committed to delivering the perfect escape. Chat to us about the bespoke terrariums you need in your home or workplace, and we can create a world just for you.

Based in Melbourne, our landscapes are available to purchase online for delivery in Melbourne only.