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Terrariums are the creative and fun way to grow indoor plants. If you are ready to buy a terrarium, PLANT by Packwood is the best local place to buy a terrarium in Melbourne.

PLANT is a Melbourne terrarium shop with a difference. We are total terrarium fanatics, and sharing our passion for terrariums is our entire reason for being. Whatever you need in terms of plants, supplies, and information, you can get it from our shop. You can find us at 60 Rose Street, Fitzroy. We are right next to the Artists Market, and really easy to spot, because we're a splash of green in the otherwise urban surroundings. + Read More

Benefits of terrariums

Every home and office can benefit from the addition of a terrarium. The purpose of a terrarium is to allow you to grow almost any kind of plants indoors, even those that are not traditionally grown indoors.

Terrariums create their own virtually self-sustaining microclimate, so keeping a terrarium going is very easy once you have set it up. The most difficult part of having a terrarium is deciding exactly what you want. You can get around that by having more than one terrarium.

Keeping a terrarium in Melbourne is actually a lot easier than growing plants outside, and it's also easier than growing potted plants. Just about anyone can make a successful terrarium display, and doing so is rewarding because it makes the room nicer.

There is a wide variety of plants suitable for terrarium growing, more, in fact, than there are for regular plant pots. The best choices are those that prefer growing in humid conditions, as these are the easiest to grow, but you can certainly grow other species, even including cactus.

Part of our heritage

Terrariums seem like they've been around forever, but in fact they're a fairly recent development. The terrarium was accidentally invented in the 1840s by an English botanist named Nathan Ward. After being invented, the terrarium played an important but largely forgotten role in Australian history.

Terrariums were used to send plants between England and Australia. It was the only way established plants could be transported on such a long journey. Because of the microclimate created in the terrarium, the plants did not need fresh water during the voyage.

Terrariums today

In the modern day, now that we have air travel and quarantine, terrariums have lost their importance as transportation devices, but they are still relevant for interior decoration and as a hobby.

One thing we are certain of is that you'll love having your own terrarium. Melbourne is home to Australia's best terrarium shop, so come and see us at PLANT to get everything you need to get your terrarium off to a good start.

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