Glass Terrariums


Glass Terrariums Melbourne

The most common type of terrarium in existence is the glass terrarium. Other materials are sometimes used, but the superiority of glass makes it the ideal material for terrarium construction.

Some people think glass should be avoided due to its tendency to shatter when struck or dropped. This could actually be good advice if the terrarium is intended to be placed in the room of a very young child.

In every other case, however, the terrarium should be heavy enough not to be easily knocked over, and should be placed in a position where it is unlikely to be accidentally struck.

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The benefits of glass terrarium

Despite its fragility, glass has many properties that make it the best choice for terrariums. The most important of these properties is the transparency of even quite thick glass, allowing light and heat in to the terrarium, and allowing us to easily see what is inside.

Glass also forms an effective seal to prevent moisture loss, which is important to maintaining the naturally controlled microclimate inside the terrarium. This feature is what allows the terrarium plants to survive with minimal watering.

Yet another attractive feature of glass is that it is easy to wipe clean, which is not true of transparent or translucent plastics such as perspex.

Get your glass terrarium at PLANT by PACKWOOD

The best place to find a glass terrarium for sale is at PLANT by Packwood, the unofficial home of the glass terrarium in Melbourne. Our shop in Fitzroy is where you can obtain all your terrarium supplies and the best advice to help you get your terrarium off to the best possible start.

There is no other place where you can buy a glass terrarium in Melbourne that has the same total dedication to terrarium plants as you will find at PLANT by PACKWOOD.

It is very easy to find us. We are located at 60 Rose Street, just outside the Artists' Market, and the lush verdant foliage on display is a clear giveaway signal that you're in the right place.

Inside you will find a world of terrariums in such an abundance of quantity and variety, it can't fail to amaze you. You can choose a ready-made terrarium kit with everything already set up for you, or just buy the individual components to construct your own custom terrarium.

Got a great idea for a custom glass terrarium but not confident about putting it together yourself? No problem, just give us the specs of your design and we'll be happy to build it just the way you want.

Glass Terrariums as gifts

Terrariums also make perfect gifts. They are a beautiful addition to the home or office and require barely any work to maintain. This makes them a much more thoughtful gift than cut flowers, which die quickly, or potted plants, which require lots of care.

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