PLANT by Packwood

We are Bayden Packwood Hine - a folk musician from country NSW and Charlotte Nicdao - an actress from Melbourne. We began PLANT by Packwood because, like so many other people living in the inner-city, we found that adding a little green to our home instantly made us feel more creative and refreshed. What started as a little obsession with self-sufficient terrariums has now grown into so, so much more.

Designed in collaboration with Collingwood design studio Love Design Initiative, we have created a store that doubles as a functional greenhouse, filled with bright ambient light to ensure optimum plant happiness. It is a space where other like-minded folks can feel comfortable to explore our plants as long as they like, chat about their favourite flora and learn something new about the wonderful world of plants upon each visit. 

Our range has expanded to now include an incredibly vast and lush amount of indoor greenery, exotic rarities like tillandsia, carnivorous plants and other favourite hard-to-find varieties, local ceramicists who's work we adore and of course, our signature range of self-sufficient terrariums.
We welcome you to visit us at 60 Rose St in Fitzroy, Wednesday to Sunday between 11 - 5.
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Terrarium Shop & Plant Supplies Melbourne

Many homes are graced by indoor plants, but did you know there is a way to bring your favourite outdoor plants indoors? You can also turn any kind of plant into a focal point of your décor. The thing that make these achievements possible is called a terrarium.

What is a terrarium?

A terrarium is a kind of constructed space in which plants can be grown and displayed. In this way it is similar to an aquarium, except it is used for showing plants instead of fish.

Types of terrariums

Terrariums can be either open or closed. Open terrariums are used for plants that don't like too much moisture and heat, while closed terrariums are more suited to those that prefer humid conditions.

Why terrariums are a good investment

Indoor terrariums can be a beautiful addition to the home, and they're the only viable gardening solution for people who live in apartments. One thing that's certain is a terrarium is always interesting.

What is PLANT by Packwood?

PLANT is a terrarium shop in Melbourne where you can get all your terrarium supplies online. Of course you can also come and visit our shop if you prefer, and that's a really great idea too, especially if you're new to terrariums.

From us you can learn everything you need to know about setting up and managing your own terrarium. We can tell you how to prepare the soil, what plants are best suited (and which are definitely not), how to install lighting and irrigation, and much more.

This is because we are the experts on terrarium supplies in Melbourne, and we have all the information anyone could need to get up and running quickly with installing terrariums in their own home.

You can do it

It's actually quite easy to do, and almost anyone can build a terrarium. Shop online or drop in for a visit and you'll all the things you need, plus friendly helpful service. You can even sign up to participate in workshop sessions if you are totally serious about doing the best job of your terrarium.

Terrariums make life better

A terrarium is the ideal way to let nature brighten up a room. With the help of a terrarium, outdoor plants can thrive indoors.

Of course this also means that if, for one reason or another, you're unable to grow plants outside, you don't have to miss out. Just put in a terrarium and you can grow almost anything you want.

A terrarium is an investment

Your terrarium can be as large or small as you like, and you don't have to stop at just one. You will be amazed by how much of a difference the addition of a terrarium can make. It may, if you do it very well, even add value to your home.

Plant By Packwood has expanded an incredibly range of Terrariums like Terrarium Plants, Terrarium Bowls, Indoor Terrarium, Terrarium Kit, Glass Terrarium & other hard to find varieties. For any questions regarding our plants, Contact us online or call us at +61403362358, We are always happy to answer your questions.

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