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Melbourne is famous for the beautiful gardens that can be found all over the suburbs. In fact, Victoria was once known as the Garden State.

We love our gardens, but one thing that has changed is many of us living in the city today don't have the space to create an outdoor garden, or if we do, we don't have the time to care for it. + Read More

Introducing the terrarium

What if we told you there was a way to have an indoor garden? And even better, what if it was a garden that hardly required any work at all to maintain? This exciting idea is called a terrarium, and it's what lets you bring the outdoors indoors.

You can get everything you need for your own terrarium from our plant shop in Fitzroy. Plants are everything to us. We even named our shop PLANT. But we're much more than just another Fitzroy nursery. We specialize in terrarium plants, terrarium supplies, and even ready-built terrariums.

A plant nursery with a twist

You will know you haven't walked into a typical Fitzroy plant nursery from the first moment you arrive. In fact our entire shop has been lovingly designed by Love Design Initiative to look and function as a kind of terrarium itself.

This is one greenhouse effect that's totally positive, however. Inside and outside, our shop is a place of wonder and beauty. Walking the otherwise drab length of Rose Street, you'll be delighted to arrive at the Artist's Market and discover right next to it our very own PLANT shop. Honestly, you can't miss it.

Step into an urban oasis

Marvellous things happen at our plants nursery in Fitzroy. We have genuinely created an oasis in the city. Those passing by almost seem to be mesmerised by the lush foliage on display. Stopping in on their way past has almost become a tradition for locals, and of course they're always welcome because PLANT is for everyone.

As well as terrariums, we also have all kinds of potted plants and plant supplies, but the star attraction, of course, must be terrariums. Why do we love terrariums so much?

The story of the terrarium

Terrariums are truly fascinating. It's like creating a tiny self-supporting microclimate right in your own home. Like many great inventions, terrariums were invented by accident.

The otherwise unremarkable botanist Nathan Ward discovered what was originally termed the Wardian Case, when he accidentally grew a fern in one of his bug collecting jars because he was too lazy to clean it.

The first official use of the Wardian Case was for transporting plants between Australia and Britain, all the way back in the 1840s.

To everyone's surprise, all the plants survived the arduous voyage, and to absolutely no-one's surprise, the Wardian Case was renamed as the terrarium, allowing Nathan Ward to fade back into obscurity.

Since then, the art of terrarium building has been perfected, and today we have an impressive choice of terrarium styles that do an even better job of creating the perfect microclimate.

Get your own terrarium

Once you have your own terrarium, you'll appreciate how aesthetically pleasing it is, as well as how easy it is to maintain and care for.

Nobody stops at just one terrarium. Come in and see for yourself how a terrarium could improve the ambience of your home. We're at 60 Rose Street Fitzroy, and we look forward to welcoming you.

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