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Best Terrarium Plants - Melbourne

The number one place to get your terrarium plants in Melbourne is PLANT by Packwood, the local experts in terrarium gardening.

We have a diverse collection of terrarium plants for sale, including the very best terrarium plants, some of which are quite rare.

Our shop at 60 Rose Street Fitzroy (just outside the Art Market) is an oasis of green in the concrete jungle, where you can browse for terrarium supplies and get advice from our team on anything you could ever want to know about terrariums and plant growing.

You can also browse in our website shop for your terrarium plants online. Melbourne is the kind of place where terrariums can give you even better results than growing plants outdoors. Our extremely hot summers and shockingly cold winters can be very tough on plants.

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Growing plants indoors helps protect them from the ravages of nature. Under these perfect conditions, most plants will thrive.

The modern notion of indoor plants

The idea of growing plants indoors is actually quite a modern concept. It started when the English botanist Nathan Ward accidentally invented the terrarium in the 1840s.

Since that time, there have been continuous developments to refine and improve the terrarium, up to the present day where we have very modern terrariums that provide an efficient microclimate capable of sustaining plants very well with minimal effort.

Terrariums are more interesting than ever

The variety of plants being grown in terrariums has expanded as well, to the point that almost any kind of plant can be grown successfully in a terrarium.

In fact it is even possible to grow the famous giant redwood tree in a terrarium, although it won't reach it's full height potential, and it's so difficult (and expensive) to import the species into Australia nobody would do so just to grow it in a terrarium.

Why it got a mention is because it's the last species of tree anybody would expect to find growing indoors, but it has been successfully done. Really it is possible to grow almost any kind of tree, flower, shrub, fern, or cactus in a terrarium.

Some types of plants need different kinds of terrariums depending on their natural habitat. It is very easy to determine which is the most appropriate type of terrarium for each type of plant (and if you have any doubts, you can always ask us).

PLANT is your ideal terrarium supplier

We love plants so much we even named our shop PLANT. You really can't miss it, we're so easy to find. Just look for the lush green foliage on Rose Street in Fitzroy. It is a beautiful and peaceful space where you can indulge your passion for plants with a crew who are totally switched on to what makes terrarium plants so awesome.

Our team can answer all your questions, help you find the exact kind of plants and supplies you want, and even help you build your own custom terrarium system.

Come in for a visit today and see what a difference a terrarium can make in your life.

Plant By Packwood has expanded an incredibly range of Terrariums like Terrarium Bowls, Plants Nursery, Indoor Terrarium, Terrarium Kit, Glass Terrarium & other hard to find varieties. For any questions regarding our plants, Contact us online or call us at +61403362358, We are always happy to answer your questions.

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